Plant Study Guide
1. Which four things do plants need to grow?

2. Plants must carry on many ___________ to survive.

3. What is photosynthesis?

4. Where does photosynthesis mostly take place?

5. ____________ makes leaves green and helps plants make food.

6. What is made during photosynthesis?

7. What do plants use the glucose for?

8. Which process do plants go through in order to use the energy stored from photosynthesis?

9. Plants consist of a great deal of ____.

10. What is transpiration?

11. ________ cells regulate the size of the stomata. When there is too much water they open the stomata, when there is not enough water, they close them.

12. What is a tropism?

13. __________ is a time when plants life processes stop, this is brought on by changes in the environment.

14. What are evergreens?

15. A ___________ is the length of time it takes for a plant to complete it’s life cycle.

16. ________ = 1 years to complete a cycle.
_________= 2 years to complete a cycle

17. Which plant does not make seeds?

18. Which parts of a flower are male?

1. water, air, soil, light

2. processes

3. Photosynthesis is the process where plants make their own food.

4. leaves

5. chlorophyll

6. glucose (sugar/food)

7. Plants use the glucose to grow and change.

8. respiration

9. water

10. Transpiration is the evaporation of water through openings called stomata

11. Guard cells

12. A tropism is a plant’s response to a stimuli.

13. Dormancy

14. Evergreens: plants that remain green all year round.

15. growing season

16. Annuals


18. stamens, pollen